Citykompaniet is a shopping center on three floors with 28 shops, a café and a restaurant in the heart of Skellefteå. With a wide range of stores, you will find most things needed for everyday life.

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Manager: Julia Åshjelm
Tel: +46 910 100 34
Mail: julia.ashjelm@nordvestor.se

Retail spaces: Nordvestor Fastigheter
Tel: +46 910 504 00
Mail: info@nordvestor.se
Webb: www.nordvestor.se

Find Citykompaniet

Citykompaniet is located in the heart of Skellefteå, right next to the town square.

Nygatan 50
931 31 Skellefteå


CK’s new parking garage will be opened in November 2020 with 250 parking spaces on three floors. Through Aimo Park/Autopay, the parking garage has a modern solution where you are automatically charged when exit the parking garage. Register now.

While the construction is in progress, you can park at our temporary parking space. The payment machine is located nearby Guldstadens Blommor. The MobilPark app also works as a payment option.


Nordvestor Förvaltning AB acquired the property on January 1, 1999. After renovation and expansion, ‘Citykompaniet’ was inaugurated in August 2003. A shopping center with a total area of approximately 12,000 sqm.

During 2006 and 2013 Danish Ei Invest European Retail Skellefteå AB was the main owner of the property, but management remained within Nordvestor Förvaltning AB.

In 2011, Citykompaniet was named ”Sweden’s most popular mall” by the magazine Market. One of the reasons Citykompaniet has become so successful is that about 2/3 of our stores are new establishments for Skellefteå.

Once again in local ownership Nordvestor will continue developing Citykompaniet and play a key role when it comes to developing Skellefteå.


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