CK’s new parking garage has now opened.
250 spaces, three floors, sloping parking spaces with double lines, electric car spaces, bicycle parking. And in the centre of Skellefteå City.


The camera reads your license plate automatically as you drive in and out.

You do not have to think about:
Parking ticket
Inspection fee
Parking time

Parking fee: SEK 20 / hour
Maximum rate: SEK 160 / day

The CK car park is always open.


Option #1 – Automatic payment
Register here and parking will automatically charge your credit card.

Option #2 – Pay directly at the exit
Enter the car’s registration number in the ATM and pay for your parking.

Option #3 – Pay online
Pay within 48 hours of your parking.
Enter the car’s registration number here and
pay for your parking.

If you choose not to pay on the spot, you will receive an invoice in the mail for the time you have parked. Invoice fee will be added.


You have several different options when it comes to payment.

Pay automatically
With a registered debit card in your profile, you can easily drive in and out and you will automatically be charged the actual amount for your parking in all Autopay facilities. You can keep track of your receipts in your online profile.

Pay at the payment machine
You can pay for your parking before leaving the car park. Enter your registration number in the payment machine and pay for the time you parked.

Pay online within 48 hours
Online payment is an available option for your parking up to 48 hours after the parking is completed. Go to, enter your registration number and then pay for parking.

Pay by invoice
If none of the other payment options are used, you will receive an invoice from the parking operator. An invoice fee will then be added to the parking fee, so we recommend that you use one of the other options.

The registration means that you create a user account on You enter your contact information, debit card (it is possible to have several) and which registration numbers (up to 5 vehicles can be registered). When the cars then drive in and out of the parking garage, it will read against this register. On your page there is then the opportunity to check receipts for each parking.

The parking costs SEK 20/hour and has a maximum rate of SEK 160/day.

Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club International, Discover and Maestro.

The service center receives an indication that the sign cannot be read. First they try to zoom in, if it still is not possible to read, staff are sent out to Skellefteå for manual reading.

The cameras only have a function for photographing the license plate. Nothing else fits in the picture. The image on the number plate is saved in accordance with GDPR legislation and deleted as soon as payment is made.

You can add the registration number from your rental car to your profile on, and delete it as soon as you return the car. You can also pay the fee directly in the ATM or pay your fee online within 48 hours at

You can add up to five vehicles under your profile on You can also pay the fee with the company card directly in the ATM or pay your fee online within 48 hours on

The invoice fee is SEK 45, so we recommend that you choose one of the other options.

The invoice will be sent to the owner of the vehicle.

The CK car park is always open. At certain times of the day, the entrance gate is pulled down. If so, drive towards the gate to open it. To open doors to stairwells, use intercom at each entrance.

In the car park, there are a total of five parking spaces intended for the disabled. Two places on the 1st floor, two places on the 2nd floor and one place on the 3rd floor. All (regardless of floor level) are located closest to the stairwell towards Hörnellgatan. The car parks have the same price as other places in the car park. If all the places are occupied, it is allowed to stand on two squares, provided that a valid permit is available.

Yes, there are 8 electric car parking spaces on the 2nd floor. It costs SEK 2/kWh to charge.

Bicycle parking and charging cabinets for bicycle batteries are on floor 1. In collaboration with Skellefteå Kraft, we offer free charging of your bicycle battery.

If you have registered on Autopay, there will be receipts on your pages under notifications, at no extra cost. If a receipt is requested via email or text message, a cost will be added.

For other questions regarding CK Parking, please contact Aimopark on telephone +46 771-96 90 00.

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